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Welcome to our official website!

The poultry plant "Smetanino" is located in the village of Smetanino (Smolensk Region, Smolensk District), which is an ecologically clean area. This unique location allows the producers to create such conditions for hens which are similar to the natural ones. The company offers consumers high quality products. The company applies advanced technologies and formulas, implements quality control of the production process, and uses modern equipment.

The poultry plant has been offering its customers tasty, high-quality and healthy products for 56 years, as a result, the producer has a high level of consumers’ loyalty.

Company mission

We see our mission in creating the culture of consuming eggs and high-quality poultry meat. We constantly introduce the latest technologies for keeping, growing and feeding poultry, maintaining a respectful attitude to traditions. We feel honored to take care of our customers and strive to ensure that our products have taste, quality, and all benefits of natural products.