The construction of the poultry plant began in the kolkhoz of  “Zavety Iliycha” in 1959; in 1962 the facilities, known as Katynsky Poultry Plant, were put into operation in the kolkhoz of “Katynsky”. The plant could accommodate 50.000 laying hens. The facilities also included  8 poultry houses (3 for growing hens and 5 for keeping laying hens).

Within the first three years of operation, gross production of eggs and meat increased by 30%, and the number of laying hens  increased from 62 thousand to 76 thousand.

The specialists of the plant won a number of  competitions,  they were also  awarded honorary titles for the early implementation of production plans.

Many employees of the poultry plant were awarded orders of labor glory, medals and diplomas for high performance among leading industry experts.

In 1986, the hatchery was reconstructed, and   3 poultry houses, a slaughterhouse and a drying complex were rebuilt in 1989-1990. On 15th March, 1988 Kuprinsky state farm was attached to the poultry plant according to the Government order.

In 2008, the Smetanino agricultural cooperative was transformed into the Smetanino Poultry Plant, bearing its modern name, the plant was a subsidiary of the Smolensk Bread and Grain Products Plant.

In 2011,  the company launched a poultry house for 138 thousand  young stock, a production house for 270 thousand hens and a facility for collecting and sorting eggs. In 2013, a new production line for 270 thousand hens was also put into operation.

In 2017, the company built two new production facilities which could accommodate  270 thousand hens each.

In 2018, the company built a facility  for raising 138 thousand  young stock, a warehouse for storage and package of products.