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Despite  crisis  the poultry plant takes off

The poultry plant shows a positive trend even during a protracted crisis. In 2014, the company produced 113.7 million eggs, which is 6 million more than in the previous period.

Positive merging

Sales of products, works and services for the past period of last year amounted to 431.5 million rubles, which is 10% higher than in 2013.During the visit to the plant, the Governor, Aleksei Ostrovsky, understood that the product range allows the plant to be a supplier for the largest federal trade chains. Interestingly, only 15 – 20% of products remain in Smolensk. As the General Director of Smetanino Poultry Plant, Nikolay Rogov, noted, there is currently a high demand for eggs. Despite the existing competition from both local and Belarusian producers, the poultry plant feels quite confident on the sales market. In addition, after purchasing Italian equipment and switching to another category of electricity supply, the number of production costs decreased. The increase in revenue over the past year and a half has amounted to 30 – 35%. For the past couple of years, the company received subsidies amounting to about 47 million rubles, most of which comes from the federal budget.According to Nikolai Alexandrovich, the integration with Smolensk Plant of Bread and Products brings additional income, however, the volume of manufactured products is not  high enough. At present there are four facilities on the plant premises and two more production facilities were launched in 2016 to increase the volume.

School and Production

The Governor visited the local village school in Prigorskoye. Last year, it ranked among the top 100 educational institutions in Russia, the students’ performance here turned out to be higher than the average results throughout the Smolensk region. In 2014, the regional administration allocated more than 2 million rubles for complex renovation of this school. Supported by the “Accessible Environment” program, the school purchased a school bus for disabled students.The school offers the students a wide range of vocational subjects. Children have the opportunity to learn embroidery and modeling (from the 2nd class),  wood processing and machine operating. According  to Valery Ponizovtsev,  the school Principal, the training programs in driving  (category “B” and  “tractor driver”)  meet the quality standards of driving schools. The school plot where different crops are grown is cultivated with the MTZ-80 tractor.

Vladimir Suprunchuk.

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