Smolenskaya gazetа №30 (1126) 19/08/2015

Products in great demand.

Acting governor Alexei Ostrovsky visited the Smetanino poultry plant in the Smolensk region.Poultry plant “Smetanino” was set up in 1963. Today, the company offers a wide range of products: chicken eggs, pasteurized egg melange  and poultry.In 2014, the poultry population at the enterprise was 488 thousand heads, which is 3% more than in 2013. For the past year, the factory has  produced 113.7 million eggs, which is more than in 2013  by 6 million eggs. According to the results for 2014, the share of the Smetanino poultry plant accounted for 42% of the total egg production in the region. The production of poultry meat in 2014 amounted to 331 tons.High production results are reflected in economic indicators, which reveal the efficiency of the company business. Thus, the revenue from sales, works and services last year amounted to 431 million rubles, which is 10% higher than in 2013.

«Smetanino» has a wide chain of brand stores, it also supplies large federal chains such as “Auchan”, “Atak”, “Magnit”,  “Perekryostok”, “Diksi”, “Metro”, “Liniya”, “Semya”, “Evrotorg” and “Lenta”.

It is also worth noting that in 2013–2014 the company received 47.2 million rubles of subsidies, including 40.3 million rubles from the federal budget and 6.9 million from the regional budget. Five years ago, the company made a large-scale reconstruction and replaced the old equipment with modern equipment. Today, Smetanino uses modern Italian equipment, a microclimate system, and an egg sorting machine. The company combines advanced technologies with various recipes.

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