The company offers products of European quality. It is incredible but  the world-class agricultural enterprise works successfully in Smolensk.  The Smetanino poultry plant is a  unique  project, with a great future. Smetanino is dynamically developing and its products meet the most demanding tastes. What is the secret of success?A couple of years ago, Smolensk did not know about the Smetanino poultry plant: the agricultural production was in crisis,  many  poultry farms collapsed, the company  accumulated huge debts. Everything changed at one moment when the Smolensk Bread and Grain Plant decided to revive the enterprise and became its  investor.—The production of chicken eggs  met the requirements of the world standards, says’ Yury Gennadyevich Davydovsky, general director of the Smetanino poultry plant. – The investor built poultry keeping facilities, the egg storehouse, the company created infrastructure, bought the elite hens and imported equipment.  Reconstruction has affected absolutely all areas of production.Sophisticated equipment from world known suppliers and breeding layers are the first secret of the factory success. The second key is the way hens are kept, Smetanino worked out its own approach to keeping poultry and created conditions which are similar to natural ones,” explains Andrey Vyacheslavovich Gorbachev, Deputy Director for Production. Special lighting with soft dim lights, climate control and ventilation also make hens feel more comfortable.The third secret of Smetanino is simple: hens must be properly fed. In order to keep the quality level high, feed must also be special, continues Andrey Gorbachev. – We have chosen a reliable supplier – Smolensk  Bread and Grain Plant. The plant produces natural high-quality compound feed, in which there are all the necessary  elements and vitamins..Finally, the fourth section of “Smetanino” is about us, about consumers: a convenient and beautiful package, an efficient distribution network. The eggs are packaged in different ways: traditional package – 10 eggs, 6 eggs – for a “bachelor dinner”, 30 eggs – for a large family.

— A good product needs an efficient marketing strategy, says Igor Nikolaevich Sviridenko, the head of Commerical. Our consumers can buy eggs almost in any big shop of our city. There are  branded trays  «Smetanino» in chains «Мikkey», «Fortuna», в supermarkets «Liniya», «Centrum», «45-th», «Nakhimovsky». Our products are also popular in other regions: we work with «Аuchan», «Pyatyorochka», «Dixie», «Magnit», «Metro». We actively develop our own chain. You can  find fresh eggs in branded shops at the Poultry plant.

Branded shops:

Smetanino shops are located in the markets on. Nikolaev, Bagration, Kirov, River streets, on Kolkhozny, Tikhvin, Kiselevsky markets in Smolensk; in Gnezdovo;  in the village of Smetanino, in Katyn and in Pechersk.

White or brown?

Studies show that the composition and taste of white and brown eggs are identical. However, in European and Asian countries, the brown egg is more expensive. Why? The egg shell is the natural package.  Laboratory studies conducted in the Netherlands confirm the best quality of the brown eggshell, it is 6% thicker than white, which creates an additional barrier to the penetration of the pathogenic microflora. The thicker the shell, the more hermetically sealed the egg is, the better it is protected from odors, the better its qualities are preserved.

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