Today, Smetanino village can justifiably be called the sports capital of the Smolensk region. There are sambo and judo societies, table tennis,  football and volleyball teams. Local athletes often become winners of the local and reginal competitions.

People are the greatest asset!

Socially responsible business attracts a lot of media attention, it turned  into a key component of the corporate strategy. It manifests itself in  the number of  measures and events  which are aimed to help people. The village of Smetanino can serve as a bright illustration of such practice, as it is closely connected with one of the largest poultry plants in the region. The new company owners  decided to provide support for children’s sport and invest in its development.— There are a lot of children and  adolescents in the village,” says Yury Davydovsky, General Director of Smetanino Poultry Plant. “After school, there was really nothing for the them to do because there was a limited choice of entertainment opportunities. Well, we decided to support the youth and develop sport.”The enthusiasm of Sergey Machulsky, an excellent athlete and teacher, helped him to  unite those  boys and girls who want to become strong and courageous,  as a result there are sambo and judo societies. The wrestling society, which is the most popular and numerous today, is famous for its good results in  different tournaments.-Yuriy Gennadyevich, what are your plans for the future?- We help to  repair  the House of Culture, we  replaced the doors, lighting, did other types of work. We provide funds for  purchasing sports equipment: kimono, wrestling, nets and balls for volleyball and football,  sets for table tennis. Our football team is well equipped. We cover travel expenses of sportsmen who take part in competitions. We are businessmen and we can only help financially, but I believe, it is also important.

Sport without beer

Sergey Machulsky, sambo and judo wrestling coach:- Today, 40 adolescents do wrestling. We welcome everyone: bothe boys or girls. Children  enjoy  doing it a lot. We are grateful to the managers of the  poultry plant for this opportunity.  They help us financially, help with renovation of facilities,  repair of inventory,  old windows. We know that we can rely on their support and it is very important to us! The poultry plant also helped to renovate the football pitch so that it can meet the requirements of regional tournaments. Our players are steadily making progress, they are now among the top three winning teams in the city. Children do any kind of sport for free, we invite children, teenagers, and adults. Interest in sports  is so high, that you are unlikely  to see young people drinking beer in the evening.

Grateful parents!

Irina Chamova, mother of the young wrestler Kirill:- This approach to the work is pleasant to everyone: both parents and children. My son is happy to train in the wrestling society, he was given a uniform, and now the boys are preparing for the competitions. But the main thing is that the child is engaged in a good, useful activity, and does not hang around  in the evenings. The gym became his second home. I would like to thank  manages of the poultry plant. Today there is no clear definition of the social responsibility of business, but  business community agrees that the care of a person is the cornerstone of this process. This is the main motivation for people to work, to have a healthy lifestyle and, as a result, it becomes the foundation for the economic growth of the state.

Andrey Zavyalov.

Supporting children’s sport is only one of social projects. Smetanino poultry plant participated in a charity auction and supported children from Shatalovsky orphanage. It is really difficult to count how many good things have already been done!

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