The  Smolensk plant became the laureate of the competition “100 best goods”.Miracles happen. It is a fact! For the Smetanino poultry plant,  the New Year miracles have become a good tradition. Only a year ago, the company experienced a fresh start. On December 2, 2010, the reconstructed poultry plant was  opened in the presence of distinguished guests. The governor of the Smolensk region Sergey Antufiev said: “I hope that all future plans of the plant will  fully be implemented and a modern plant will work and flourish in the Smolensk region.” The Smetanino poultry plant met all expectations, in fact, it turned into a sophisticated  company which  products meet European standards. So, the victory in the prestigious competition “100 best goods of Russia” contributed to the company leading position. — We first applied for  the regional lag of the competition, – says commercial director Igor Sviridenko.

– Successfully  we passed it and went to the all-Russia competition. The procedure rules out  the possibility of influencing the jury’s decision: enterprises submit necessary documentation and provide product samples.  Then everything depended on  judges.According to the results, the “Derevenskoye” egg from “Smetanino” won the competition “100 best goods of Russia” and received a gold medal. The rest of our products presented at the competition – the egg “Choice” and the egg of the first category – were awarded the silver medal. We had the right to label our products with the competition logo for two years.

Deputy Director for Production Andrey Gorbachev received a diploma “Excellent quality” for his work.

Was the company lucky to achieve such results? It is undoubtful that  behind the first serious victory of the Smetanino poultry plant there was  a lot of work and the desire to supply the consumer with  high-quality goods. What are the advantages of Smetanino products?If the company wants to produce eggs of exceptional quality, it needs to modernize and reconstruct its production facilities and build the new ones, including poultry keeping facilities, egg storage facility. The company purchased elite poultry and imported  Italian equipment for raising young stock and keeping laying hens, German and Dutch equipment for    egg sorting and packaging.Hens are kept in conditions similar to natural ones. Premises for industrial poultry farming are equipped with special systems: automatic feeding and watering, climate control – ventilation, heating or cooling. All the facilities have special lighting. There is sterile cleanliness everywhere: at the entrance there are disinfecting mats, chicken litter is removed automatically. In general, almost all operations are automated.The feeding of poultry is a serious matter,   the balanced feed with all necessary vitamins is produced by Smolensk Bread and Grain Plant. That is why, the “Derevenskoye” egg produced by  “Smetanino” is so popular  with  consumers. Its composition and taste are no different from private farms eggs: best quality,  with a strong brown shell and a bright “sunny” yolk. It is not surprising that they won love in Smolensk, Moscow, Bryansk and other cities in Central Russia. All products of Smetanino poultry plant meet national quality standards.The golden medal at the All-Russia competition is the result of the coordinated work of caring people,  competent modern approach to business, daily care for the consumer and a great desire  to produce  high quality products  in Smolensk.Where can consumers buy Smetanino products?Smetanino shops are located in the markets on. Nikolaev, Bagration, Kirov, River streets, on Kolkhozny, Tikhvin, Kiselevsky markets in Smolensk; in Gnezdovo;  in the village of Smetanino, in Katyn and in Pechersk.

А&F №52(1625) 28 December-10 January 2012

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