Confidentiality agreement


If you fill out this Form of communication you express consent to the use and processing of data contained in the application form. The company guarantees the use of your data solely in the ways described, it guarantees confidentiality and non-proliferation of data. The data you provide by filling out this form will be used to inform you about the subject of your inquiry.

  1. Terms used in the present Agreement:
    • Confidential information - information constituting a trade secret (production secret), information of any nature (production, technical, economic, organizational and others), including the results of intellectual activity in the scientific and technical field, as well as information about the ways of carrying out professional activities which have real or potential commercial value to third parties, to which third parties do not have free access on a legal basis and in  respect of which the owner of such information has introduced a trade secret regime
    • The transfer of information constituting a commercial secret is the transfer of information constituting a commercial secret and recorded on a tangible medium by its owner to the counterparty in accordance with the present agreement in the amount and conditions stipulated by the contract, including the condition that the counterparty takes measures to protect its privacy.
    • Disclosure of information constituting a trade secret is an action or inaction, as a result of which information constituting a trade secret in any possible form (oral, written, other form, including using technical means) becomes known to third parties without the consent of the owner of such information or contrary to the employment or civil law contract.
  1. Each Party is aware that in the process of building mutually beneficial partnerships, it may be required to transfer its confidential information to the other Party. Confidential information must always remain the property of the transferring Party and without its prior written permission cannot be copied or otherwise reproduced by the receiving Party. All authorized copies of confidential information should always have the same confidentiality instructions like the originals.
  2. Each Party, if it receives confidential information from the other Party, undertakes these responsibilities:

а) to maintain the confidentiality of this information and take all necessary measures to protect it,  as carefully as it protects its own confidential information;

  1. b) to use this information only for the purposes specified in the agreement and never use it for any other purposes without the prior written consent of the transferring Party;

в) not to transfer this information to third parties without the prior written permission of the transferring Party, except in cases where this information:

- became generally known from a source other than the receiving Party;

- was legally known to the receiving Party prior to its receipt from the transferring Party;

- must be disclosed by the receiving Party under duress in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

  1. In case the transferring Party discloses the confidentiality information to state authorities or institutions under coercion, the receiving Party undertakes to limit this transfer to the required minimum and immediately notify the transferring Party of the essence of this transfer to the maximum extent under the circumstances.
  1. The Parties agreed upon the following

а). they will provide access to confidential information only for those  employees who will have good reasons to use it;

  1. b) they will require these employees to fulfill all the obligations specified in the agreement;
  2. c) upon request, they will immediately return to each other all the originals and/or, copies of the confidential information received;
  3. d) the obligations specified in the Agreement will remain in force indefinitely, regardless of the termination of its validity.

6. In case one of the Parties violates  its obligations stipulated in the agreement, the injured Party is entitled to demand from the guilty Party the compensation of direct documented damage suffered by the injured Party as a result of this violation.