Premium laureates «Business reputation — 2018»

The winners of the premium  «Business reputation — 2018» have recently been announced.

The winners’ names were kept in secret and were only announced during the award ceremony on 19th April at the Hagen restaurant.

The ceremony gathered together over 100 company leaders, member of the Expert’s council and ceremony guests.

All the applications were evaluated by the jury, which was made up  of experts from Regional and City Administration, Regional Duma and City Council, heads of various business enterprises and universities.

The winners were:

«The best engineering industry» — PC «Dorogobuzhkotlomash»;

«Telekom» —PAO «МТS» in Smolensk;

«Leader IT» — Llc «Twins» (WebCanape);

«Leader in food production» —Poultry Plant «Smetanino»;

«The best law and consulting company» — Llc «Alliance»;

«The best medical company» — Hospital «Uromed»;

«The best dental clinic» —  the chain of dental clinics «Smile»;

«The best feed producer» — Smolensk Bread and Grain Plant;

«Primary and supplementary education» — School of the English Language «Lingva»;

«The best company of wholesale and retail in construction» —«Profkrovlya»;

«The best construction company» — Construction enterprise  «Domstroy»;

«The best company of wholesale and retail in construction in agriculture» — Llc «APK-Service»;

«The best catering company» — Restaurant  «Saint-Jacques»;

«Achievements in the financial sphere» — Smolensk Branch of Sberbank;

«Achievements in estimation» — Estimation Agency of Kovaleva and Co;

«Achievements in sport industry» —Alekseenkov P.A «Fight Baza HAIRANDA».

The winners in special nominations were:

«Smolensk brand» — OAO «Smolensk Aviation Plant»;

«Social responsibility of business» — Llc «Centre for business support  «Mirena», llc «Dargel»;

«The best business strategy

«Client-oriented company» — Smolensk regional department of the North-Western Branch of PAO «МеgаFоn»;

«The most dynamic company» — Llc «Atlantic Company»;

«The best quality and service» — Insurance company «РЕСО – Garantia»;

«The implementation of innovative projects» —  Llc «Lasertag»;

«Business breakthrough of the year» — Sushi centre (Llc «Foodstore»), Llc «Centre of family stomatology

The Goodwill magazine expresses gratitude to Meravilla boutique, the general Partner of the awarding ceremony “Business reputation – 2018 and partners  PАО «Rostelekom», lawyer Said Suleymanov, dentist clinic «Smile», studio of Internet marketing «Time to act»,   restaurant «Hagen», and media partners: «Russkoe radio», information portal «Made in Smolensk», advertising company «Paradigma»,  media agency «KIT Мedia», video production studio «Reshenie za kadrom».


The annual regional business award “Business Reputation” was established by the  Goodwill magazine. This award is a unique tool that allows participants to evaluate the progress of their company for the year, as well as to get a strategic competitive advantage in case of victory. Participation in the award confirms the high transparency of the business environment, and the title of laureate contributes to the promotion of the company’s image in Smolensk and Russia,  it also provides additional opportunities for building reputation and attracting serious investments.

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Komsomlskaya Pravda 11/04/2018

Poultry Plant  «Smetanino» celebrated Easter with Smolensk citizens.

The Smetanino Poultry Plant organized a charity event on the eve of the Easter holiday and  with the blessing of Isidor,  Metropolitan bishop of Smolensk and Dorogobuzh.According to the tradition, on the eve of Easter, people come to the Church of the Lord for the priest to consecrate the Easter food. The main attribute of the festive table for Easter is the painted boiled egg.Before the day of the Great Celebration, the staff of the poultry plant gave all visitors to the Church boiled painted eggs. Racks with eggs are located all over the city: at the gates of the Assumption Cathedral, at the Church of the Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church, and also in Katyn at the Church of the Resurrection of Christ. We wanted to share our joyful mood with the residents and guests of Smolensk, making them a small gift in honor of the great Christian holiday. This is our native Smolensk product,  each egg contains a piece our team’s effort and hard work, said Olga Derkacheva, an employee of the poultry plant.  The widespread celebration of Easter takes place in the atmosphere of national unity and it strengthens the faith in true goodness.

Komsomolskaya Pravda 11/04/2018

Regional fair dedicated to the day of agricultural workers

On October 3, 2015, Smetanino Poultry Plant became a participant in the annual regional fair dedicated to the day of agricultural workers. At this event, the company received a letter of thanks from the Department of the Smolensk region and a cash prize.

Smolenskaya gazetа №30 (1126) 19/08/2015

Products in great demand.

Acting governor Alexei Ostrovsky visited the Smetanino poultry plant in the Smolensk region.Poultry plant “Smetanino” was set up in 1963. Today, the company offers a wide range of products: chicken eggs, pasteurized egg melange  and poultry.In 2014, the poultry population at the enterprise was 488 thousand heads, which is 3% more than in 2013. For the past year, the factory has  produced 113.7 million eggs, which is more than in 2013  by 6 million eggs. According to the results for 2014, the share of the Smetanino poultry plant accounted for 42% of the total egg production in the region. The production of poultry meat in 2014 amounted to 331 tons.High production results are reflected in economic indicators, which reveal the efficiency of the company business. Thus, the revenue from sales, works and services last year amounted to 431 million rubles, which is 10% higher than in 2013.

«Smetanino» has a wide chain of brand stores, it also supplies large federal chains such as “Auchan”, “Atak”, “Magnit”,  “Perekryostok”, “Diksi”, “Metro”, “Liniya”, “Semya”, “Evrotorg” and “Lenta”.

It is also worth noting that in 2013–2014 the company received 47.2 million rubles of subsidies, including 40.3 million rubles from the federal budget and 6.9 million from the regional budget. Five years ago, the company made a large-scale reconstruction and replaced the old equipment with modern equipment. Today, Smetanino uses modern Italian equipment, a microclimate system, and an egg sorting machine. The company combines advanced technologies with various recipes.

WP №177 14.08.2015

Despite  crisis  the poultry plant takes off

The poultry plant shows a positive trend even during a protracted crisis. In 2014, the company produced 113.7 million eggs, which is 6 million more than in the previous period.

Positive merging

Sales of products, works and services for the past period of last year amounted to 431.5 million rubles, which is 10% higher than in 2013.During the visit to the plant, the Governor, Aleksei Ostrovsky, understood that the product range allows the plant to be a supplier for the largest federal trade chains. Interestingly, only 15 – 20% of products remain in Smolensk. As the General Director of Smetanino Poultry Plant, Nikolay Rogov, noted, there is currently a high demand for eggs. Despite the existing competition from both local and Belarusian producers, the poultry plant feels quite confident on the sales market. In addition, after purchasing Italian equipment and switching to another category of electricity supply, the number of production costs decreased. The increase in revenue over the past year and a half has amounted to 30 – 35%. For the past couple of years, the company received subsidies amounting to about 47 million rubles, most of which comes from the federal budget.According to Nikolai Alexandrovich, the integration with Smolensk Plant of Bread and Products brings additional income, however, the volume of manufactured products is not  high enough. At present there are four facilities on the plant premises and two more production facilities were launched in 2016 to increase the volume.

School and Production

The Governor visited the local village school in Prigorskoye. Last year, it ranked among the top 100 educational institutions in Russia, the students’ performance here turned out to be higher than the average results throughout the Smolensk region. In 2014, the regional administration allocated more than 2 million rubles for complex renovation of this school. Supported by the “Accessible Environment” program, the school purchased a school bus for disabled students.The school offers the students a wide range of vocational subjects. Children have the opportunity to learn embroidery and modeling (from the 2nd class),  wood processing and machine operating. According  to Valery Ponizovtsev,  the school Principal, the training programs in driving  (category “B” and  “tractor driver”)  meet the quality standards of driving schools. The school plot where different crops are grown is cultivated with the MTZ-80 tractor.

Vladimir Suprunchuk.

On August 11, 2015, the Acting Governor of the Smolensk Region, Alexey Vladimirovich Ostrovsky, together with the Head of the Smolensk Region Agriculture and Food Department Tatyana Ivanovna Rybchenko, visited the Smetanino poultry plant in order to know more about the company activities.

In May 2015, the Russian Union of Poultry Production (RUPP) celebrated the 50th anniversary of the creation of poultry production as an industry. Smetanino Poultry Plant (member of RUPP) received  official congratulations and a letter of thanks from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Smetanino Poultry Plant: Approaching the future with children’s sport

Today, Smetanino village can justifiably be called the sports capital of the Smolensk region. There are sambo and judo societies, table tennis,  football and volleyball teams. Local athletes often become winners of the local and reginal competitions.

People are the greatest asset!

Socially responsible business attracts a lot of media attention, it turned  into a key component of the corporate strategy. It manifests itself in  the number of  measures and events  which are aimed to help people. The village of Smetanino can serve as a bright illustration of such practice, as it is closely connected with one of the largest poultry plants in the region. The new company owners  decided to provide support for children’s sport and invest in its development.— There are a lot of children and  adolescents in the village,” says Yury Davydovsky, General Director of Smetanino Poultry Plant. “After school, there was really nothing for the them to do because there was a limited choice of entertainment opportunities. Well, we decided to support the youth and develop sport.”The enthusiasm of Sergey Machulsky, an excellent athlete and teacher, helped him to  unite those  boys and girls who want to become strong and courageous,  as a result there are sambo and judo societies. The wrestling society, which is the most popular and numerous today, is famous for its good results in  different tournaments.-Yuriy Gennadyevich, what are your plans for the future?- We help to  repair  the House of Culture, we  replaced the doors, lighting, did other types of work. We provide funds for  purchasing sports equipment: kimono, wrestling, nets and balls for volleyball and football,  sets for table tennis. Our football team is well equipped. We cover travel expenses of sportsmen who take part in competitions. We are businessmen and we can only help financially, but I believe, it is also important.

Sport without beer

Sergey Machulsky, sambo and judo wrestling coach:- Today, 40 adolescents do wrestling. We welcome everyone: bothe boys or girls. Children  enjoy  doing it a lot. We are grateful to the managers of the  poultry plant for this opportunity.  They help us financially, help with renovation of facilities,  repair of inventory,  old windows. We know that we can rely on their support and it is very important to us! The poultry plant also helped to renovate the football pitch so that it can meet the requirements of regional tournaments. Our players are steadily making progress, they are now among the top three winning teams in the city. Children do any kind of sport for free, we invite children, teenagers, and adults. Interest in sports  is so high, that you are unlikely  to see young people drinking beer in the evening.

Grateful parents!

Irina Chamova, mother of the young wrestler Kirill:- This approach to the work is pleasant to everyone: both parents and children. My son is happy to train in the wrestling society, he was given a uniform, and now the boys are preparing for the competitions. But the main thing is that the child is engaged in a good, useful activity, and does not hang around  in the evenings. The gym became his second home. I would like to thank  manages of the poultry plant. Today there is no clear definition of the social responsibility of business, but  business community agrees that the care of a person is the cornerstone of this process. This is the main motivation for people to work, to have a healthy lifestyle and, as a result, it becomes the foundation for the economic growth of the state.

Andrey Zavyalov.

Supporting children’s sport is only one of social projects. Smetanino poultry plant participated in a charity auction and supported children from Shatalovsky orphanage. It is really difficult to count how many good things have already been done!

«Rabochy Put» 9.06.2012

«Gold» of «Smetanino Poultry Plant»

The  Smolensk plant became the laureate of the competition “100 best goods”.Miracles happen. It is a fact! For the Smetanino poultry plant,  the New Year miracles have become a good tradition. Only a year ago, the company experienced a fresh start. On December 2, 2010, the reconstructed poultry plant was  opened in the presence of distinguished guests. The governor of the Smolensk region Sergey Antufiev said: “I hope that all future plans of the plant will  fully be implemented and a modern plant will work and flourish in the Smolensk region.” The Smetanino poultry plant met all expectations, in fact, it turned into a sophisticated  company which  products meet European standards. So, the victory in the prestigious competition “100 best goods of Russia” contributed to the company leading position. — We first applied for  the regional lag of the competition, – says commercial director Igor Sviridenko.

– Successfully  we passed it and went to the all-Russia competition. The procedure rules out  the possibility of influencing the jury’s decision: enterprises submit necessary documentation and provide product samples.  Then everything depended on  judges.According to the results, the “Derevenskoye” egg from “Smetanino” won the competition “100 best goods of Russia” and received a gold medal. The rest of our products presented at the competition – the egg “Choice” and the egg of the first category – were awarded the silver medal. We had the right to label our products with the competition logo for two years.

Deputy Director for Production Andrey Gorbachev received a diploma “Excellent quality” for his work.

Was the company lucky to achieve such results? It is undoubtful that  behind the first serious victory of the Smetanino poultry plant there was  a lot of work and the desire to supply the consumer with  high-quality goods. What are the advantages of Smetanino products?If the company wants to produce eggs of exceptional quality, it needs to modernize and reconstruct its production facilities and build the new ones, including poultry keeping facilities, egg storage facility. The company purchased elite poultry and imported  Italian equipment for raising young stock and keeping laying hens, German and Dutch equipment for    egg sorting and packaging.Hens are kept in conditions similar to natural ones. Premises for industrial poultry farming are equipped with special systems: automatic feeding and watering, climate control – ventilation, heating or cooling. All the facilities have special lighting. There is sterile cleanliness everywhere: at the entrance there are disinfecting mats, chicken litter is removed automatically. In general, almost all operations are automated.The feeding of poultry is a serious matter,   the balanced feed with all necessary vitamins is produced by Smolensk Bread and Grain Plant. That is why, the “Derevenskoye” egg produced by  “Smetanino” is so popular  with  consumers. Its composition and taste are no different from private farms eggs: best quality,  with a strong brown shell and a bright “sunny” yolk. It is not surprising that they won love in Smolensk, Moscow, Bryansk and other cities in Central Russia. All products of Smetanino poultry plant meet national quality standards.The golden medal at the All-Russia competition is the result of the coordinated work of caring people,  competent modern approach to business, daily care for the consumer and a great desire  to produce  high quality products  in Smolensk.Where can consumers buy Smetanino products?Smetanino shops are located in the markets on. Nikolaev, Bagration, Kirov, River streets, on Kolkhozny, Tikhvin, Kiselevsky markets in Smolensk; in Gnezdovo;  in the village of Smetanino, in Katyn and in Pechersk.

А&F №52(1625) 28 December-10 January 2012